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Dr. Judi Sprei, Maryland Licensed Psychologist, Bethesda, Montgomery County, MD. Specializing in Dialectical behavior Therapy (DBT), Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD, Mindfulness
Dr. Judi Sprei, a Maryland licensed psychologist with an office in Montgomery County, MD, has worked with Borderline Personality Disorder and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for over 30 years. An expert in the areas of trauma, sexual abuse, dissociative disorders, borderline personality disorder and chronic suicidality, Dr. Sprei has been a consultant to most of the Sexual Assault Centers in Maryland. She has served as the Principal Investigator on a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) grant to assess Sexual Assault Centers throughout the United States. 
Dr. Sprei has published and lectured nationally on topics such as the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder, clients who engage in self harm, adult incest survivors, borderline personality disorder, and dialectical behavior therapy. Dr. Sprei served on the Executive Board of The Association for Women in Psychology and was given an Outstanding Community Service Award by The Maryland Psychological Association for her work with Rape and Incest Victims. She is a founding member of both the Metro D.C. DBT Consortium and of DBTMetro.
Dr. Judi Sprei is the director of Dr. Judi Sprei andAssociates and of DBTMaryland, a comprehensive DBT programserving adolescents, and adults. Dr. Sprei specializes in the treatment of problems of emotional regulation such as borderline personality disorder, PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder & dissociative disorders. What these problems all have in common is an underlying issue of emotional dysregulation. Therefore, while different in many ways, they are alike in many ways as well. Dr. Sprei is less interested in the label of the problem than in helping develop the skills to get relief from the symptoms. For many of these issues, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), which teaches people the skills to live a more effective and emotionally regulated life, is a very helpful method of treatment. DBT teaches the skills of mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance. (See: About DBT.) These skills, along with the individual psychotherapy component of DBT, help you to create the life you want to live and feel more in control of your emotions and your behavior. 
Dr. Judi Sprei's resume (as of 2014) is included below so that, if you are interested, you can learn a little more about her education, prior professional experience and about some of the numerous professional presentations she has provided for other mental health professionals. 
               University of Maryland, B.A., 1972; M.A. 1974; Ph.D., 1979.
               Southern Illinois University, 1976   Internship
                Maryland Licensed Psychologist
Private Practice Montgomery County, MD. 2005 - present. Individual, couple, and group psychotherapy.  Supervision of Mental Health Professionals, Consultation and Training. Specialization: Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Skills Training for Emotional Regulation, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Adult Sexual Abuse and Assault Survivors, Dissociative Disorders (DID), Chronic Suicidality.
Co-Director. Maryland Institute for Individual & Family Therapy. Offices in Montgomery County & Prince George's County, MD. 1983 - 2005. Individual, couple, and group psychotherapy. Professional supervision. Program development. Specialization: Adult Sexual Abuse and Assault Survivors, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dissociative Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy,  Skills Training for Emotional Regulation. With the help of Dr. Sprei, The Maryland Institute was awarded several grants by Montgomery County to provide services for Sexual Abuse victims.  
Montgomery County Mental Health Association Advisory Committee. 2004 – 2005.
Adjunct Faculty. Psychology Department. University of Maryland. 1994 - 2000.
Private Practice. 1981 - 1993.  Individual, couple, & group psychotherapy. Consultation. Supervision. Training. Forensic testimony. Specialization: Sexual Abuse/Assault, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Advisory Board. Tears of the Children.  1994 - 1996. Educational art exhibit regarding sexual child abuse.
Consultant.  Post-Trauma Program.  Psychiatric Institute of Montgomery County.
1990 - 1993.  Trained and supervised professional staff. Conducted
post-trauma and dissociative disorder psychological consultations. Helped develop, implement and then supervise staff in a unit designed for the treatment of individuals with Dissociative Disorders.
Governing Board Member.  Potomac Ridge Treatment Center (formerly PIMC.) 1993.  Provided input on the needs of the community for quality mental health care. Strategic planning; quality assurance; utilization review; facility planning; operating budgets; medical staff appointments.
Consultant. Howard County Sexual Assault Center.  1983-1992. Trained and supervised staff & community mental health professionals. Co-led therapy groups for incest survivors.
Consultant.  Montgomery County Health Department.  Sexual Assault Service.
1985 -1987.  Supervised treatment staff. Co-led therapy groups for adult incest survivors.
Principal Investigator.  National Institute of Mental Health Research Contract.
1985 - 1986. Medical treatment and evidence collection for sexual assault: Model Programs. Identified and evaluated model treatment programs throughout the United States.  
Consultant.  Anne Arundel Sexual Assault Center. 1984 - 1985. 
Board of Directors: Southern Maryland Community Service Corp. 1983-1985.
Board of Directors: Victims of Incest Can Emerge as Survivors. 1984-1985
Instructor.  University of Maryland.  Department of Psychology. 1975; 1979 - 1983.
Introduced the first Psychology of Women course in this department.
Instructor. University College, University of Maryland; Graduate School of Social Work, Catholic University.  Taught Psychology of Women courses.
Senior Counselor. Coordinator of Services to Adult Victims.  Prince George's
County Sexual Assault Center... 1977 - 1983.  Department of Psychiatry, Prince George's General Hospital and Medical Center. Counseling and crisis intervention. Assisted with medical examination/evidence collection. Liaison to State's Attorney's Office and Police Department.
Trainer.  Prince George's County Police Academy.  1979 - 1983.  Conducted training seminars for all new county police cadets on rape trauma syndrome and effective methods for assisting and interviewing rape victims and their families.
Psychology Intern.  Counseling Center.  Southern Illinois University. 1975-1976.
Psychology Traineeship.  Veteran's Administration Hospital,  Martinsburg, West  
Virginia. 1973 - 1974.  Individual and group therapy, consultation, vocational testing, special groups for Vietnam veterans and for women veterans.
Teaching Assistant.  University of Maryland, Department of Psychology.1972 - 1973.
Student Intake Officer. Department of Juvenile Services. 1971-1972. 
Head Research Assistant.  Psycholinguistics Laboratory.  University of Maryland. 1970-1972. Supervised research staff.
Crisis Hotline Volunteer.  HELP Center, University of Maryland.  1969-1974.
Bessett, L., Sprei, J. and Kelly, D. (1982) Community Volunteer Program. Prince George’s County Sexual Assault Center. Awarded grant. Department of Human Resources. 
Courtois, C. and Sprei, J. (1988) Retrospective incest therapy for women. In
L.E. Walker (Ed.) A Handbook on the Sexual Abuse of Children.  New York: Springer.
Sprei, J. (1987). Group treatment of women incest survivors.  In Brody, C. Women in Groups: Paradigms of feminist treatment.  New York, Springer.
Sprei, J. (1986). Group Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors: A Treatment Manual.  A treatment manual commissioned by the Montgomery County Health Department.
Sprei, J.E. and Courtois, C. (1988) The treatment of women's sexual dysfunctions arising from sexual assault.  In R.A. Brown and J.R. Fields (Eds.) Treatment of Sexual Problems in Individual and Couples Therapy.  New York: PMA Publishing Co.
Sprei, J. and Goodwin, R. (1983). The group treatment of sexual assault survivors. Journal of Specialists in Group Work, 8, 39 - 46. 
Sprei-Ott, J. (1980) The Use of Assertiveness Training and Consciousness-Raising Groups in the Treatment of Depression in Women. Dissertation Abstracts International, 40, (10).
Sprei, J. (1974) Perceptions of Self, Ideal Woman and Man's Ideal Woman and Attitudes toward Women between Career and Home-Oriented College Women. Masters Thesis, University of Maryland.
SELECTED PRESENTATIONS, CONSULTATIONS, TRAININGS Provided to other mental health professionals.  
Sex-role Stereotyping in Professional and Personal Lives.  American Personnel and Guidance Association Convention. Chicago, Illinois. 1976.
Sexuality Awareness Workshop for Women.  Association for Women in Psychology Midwinter Research Conference.  Knoxville, TN.  1976.
Sex-role Stereotyping - Who Me?  AWP Midwinter Conference.  Knoxville, TN. 1976.
NBC Special Television Series on Incest.  1979.
The Hidden Victim: Effects of Rape on the Marital Relationship. Panorama TV, 1979.
Sexuality Awareness Workshop. Prince George’s County Commission for Women. 1980.
Sexual Abuse Awareness Workshop. Group facilitator. Prince George's Hospital. 1980.
Battered Women.  PBS Radio Interview.  Baltimore, MD.  1980.
Depression in Women.  Invited speaker.  Prince George's Community College, 1981.
Effect of Rape on Marital Relationships. Lehigh Valley Conference.  1981.
Treatment of Incest Survivors. Taylor Manor Hospital. MD. 1983 - 1986.
Psychological Treatment of Incest Survivors. MPA. CEU Workshop.  June, 1984.
Consultation on Rape Treatment.  Urban Institute.  September 1984.
Keynote Address.  Helping Incest Victims to Emerge As Survivors. Howard County Conference on Child Abuse.  November 2, 1984.
Treatment of Incest Survivors. Howard County Conference on Child Abuse.  1984.
Treatment of Adults with History of Incest. Family Life Center. Maryland. 1984.
Group Treatment of Incest Survivors. Invited speaker. Maryland Chapter National Association of Social Workers Conference.1985.
Treatment of Incest. Association for Women in Psychology. New York. 1985.
Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors (with Christine Courtois). Three day CEU Workshop. Maryland Psychological Association Pre-Conference Workshop. Ocean City, MD.  1985.
Assessment and Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors (with Christine Courtois). American Psychological Association. Los Angeles. August, 1985.
Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors. DCPA, 1985; Howard County Child Abuse Conference. 1985; Hartley House. Frederick County Sexual Assault Service. 1986; Marywood College School of Continuing Education. 1991; Psychiatric Institute of
Montgomery County. 1991; Altoona Hospital.  Altoona, PA. 1992.
Group Treatment of Incest Survivors. Children's Hospital National Conference on Sexual Child Abuse. New Orleans. May, 1986.
Facilitator. Montgomery County Sexual Assault Center Staff Retreat. May, 1986.
Advanced Topics in the Treatment of Adult Sexual Abuse Survivors (with Christine Courtois). American Psychological Association. Washington D.C. 1986.
Identification and Assessment of Adult Incest Survivors. MPA Annual Conference. 1988.
Personality Adjustment in Adult Survivors. The Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Substance Abuse Connection. St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Conference for Alcohol Counselors and Victim Service Providers. 1988.
Healing the Inner Child: Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors. Twenty hour CEU Workshop. Maryland Psychological Association. 1989.
Healing the Inner Child: Treatment of Adult Incest Survivors. CEU Workshop. Maryland Psychological Association.  Presented in March and repeated in April, 1990.
Issues in Working with Adult Survivors. Invited Plenary Speaker. Taylor Manor Hospital Conference on Sexual Child Abuse.
Treating College Students with a History of Sexual Child Abuse.  Invited Address. Conference on Student Mental Health. John Hopkins University. 1991.
Advance Training on the Treatment of Incest Survivors.  Training for New Start and specialized hospital staff. Psychiatric Institute of Montgomery County 1991.
Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Public talk. Sponsored by PIMC. 1991.
Understanding Repression and Dissociation.  Parents United. 1991.
A Spring of Recovery for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Their Allies. Community Education Lecture Series. Designed by Judith Sprei and Sponsored by The Psychiatric Institute of Montgomery County and The Maryland Institute for Individual and Family Therapy. 1992.
1.      The Road from Victim to Survivor to Warrior: Adult Women Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse.  Presenter: Judith Sprei.
2.      Adult Male Sexual Abuse Survivors: Breaking the Silence. Presenter: David Fago.
3.      To A Safer Place. Video and discussion groups. Facilitator: Judith Sprei.
4.      Partners of Survivors. Presenter: David Fago.     
5.      Partners in Healing: Couples Overcoming the Sexual Repercussions of Incest. Facilitator: Judith Sprei.
6.    Parents of Survivors. Presenter: Lin Bessett.
Retrospective Sexual Abuse Treatment. CEU Invited Workshop. American Psychological Association Convention.  1992.
Psychological, Office Management and Countertransference Issues in the Treatment of Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Survivors in a Gynecological/Obstetrical Practice. Consultation to Travers, Lazarus & Levitt, P.A. 1994.
Understanding and Treating Self-Mutilation. Maryland Institute Study Group. 1995.
Advanced Topics in the Treatment of Adults Abused as Children: Self-mutilation. Invited Workshop. Presented at the Maryland Psychological Association Conference, 1995.
Treatment of Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder. Invited 3 hour workshop. Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services. April, 2002
Borderline Personality Disorder: New Conceptualizations and Treatment Approaches. Invited Workshop Leader. Maryland Psychological Association Ocean City Conference. 9 hour CEU Workshop. May 2 – 4, 2003.
The Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: New Conceptualizations and Treatment. University of Maryland Counseling Center, November, 2003. 
The Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: New Conceptualizations and Treatment. Association of Practicing Psychologist Montgomery – Prince George’s Counties, Feb. 2004.
Treatment of Emotional Regulation: DBT and the College Student. George Washington University Mental Health Services. 2004.

Using DBT to Understand and Treat Self-Injurious Behavior, Kensington, MD 2014.

Integrating Aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Philosophy and Skills to Enhance the Treatment of Problematic behaviors. 8am-4pm September 5, 2014 Walter Reed National Military Center. Presented by Dr. Judi Sprei & Dr. Alisa Breetz

Integrating Aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy into your Treatment of Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder. Invited 3 hour workshop. Maryland Psychological Association 2014 Annual Convention October 10, 2014 Annapolis, Maryland. 

 Maryland Psychological Association Outstanding Community Service Award. 1980.
 Who's Who in American Women? 1981/1982.
 Who's Who in America?
American Psychological Association
      Intergroup Task Force, 1978.
Association for Women in Psychology
     National Conference Chairperson, 1987
     APA Convention Suite Coordinator, 1982-  1986
     Treasurer, 1978-1980
     Board of Directors, 1978- 1986
     Liaison to APA Committee on Women, 1976-
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Association     
Maryland Psychological Association
Metro DC DBT Consortium - Founding member
Potomac Ridge Treatment Center (formerly Psychiatric Institute of Montgomery County) Governing Board Member, 1993.
Southern Maryland Community Service Corporation Board of Directors, 1983-1985.
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