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A Ted Talk worth watching
Augmenting your skills, recommendations
December Activity - Dealing with the December Rush
Smile, smile, smile - Half Smile Skill


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Judi's Musings on DBT and other topics

No longer accepting comments

Unfortunately I can no longer accept comments on my posts since most of what I receive is spam. Please email me if you want to get in touch or make a comment. Thank you, Judi 

A Ted Talk worth watching

Augmenting your skills, recommendations

Are you looking for a way to augment your DBT skills and really work on being effective in your life? I highly recommend that you google Daily Shoring and sign up for their daily emails. Great hints and filled with information and links with useful lessons. I save the ones I receive so that if I don't have time to do them each day, I can go back, review and continue when I have  more time.
And, if you haven't read it yet, I also recommend The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  You can get a great preview of his work on you tube or Ted talks. Have fun using all these powerful tools to become more effective and have the life you want to live. 

December Activity - Dealing with the December Rush

December Activity   This week, when you feel like doing anything that you know is not healthy for you, pause and take 5 deep slow breaths….slowly and deeply inhale until your lungs feel full…and then slowly and deeply exhale until your lungs feel empty. Pause slightly at the top of each inhale and the bottom of each exhale. This slows the frantic December pace and allows you time to think before you act. Now make your choice. Pausing for just a moment of healthy breathing gives you time to think before acting on impulse. Remember, you can use your DBT Observe skill to just observe the impulse to act rather than acting on the urge. You can use Wise Mind to do what is effective. If you have no unhealthy urges, it is still a great idea to do the breathing exercise several times each day to give yourself a moment of relaxation.

Smile, smile, smile - Half Smile Skill

I just read  that August 5 - 11 is National Smile Week. So, this is a great week to practice your half smile skill. Research shows that smiling lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, decreases depression and boosts immunity. Half smiles put people at ease and create a positive atmosphere that can help interpersonal relationships and emotional regulation. So, why not extend this week by making smiling a daily habit!

Thought of the week

It is easier to go down hill than up, but the view is from the top.

Radical Acceptance

Someone just showed me a youtube video that illustrates Radical Acceptance so I want to recommend it to you. You can find it at http://youtube/watch?=dSsAEWKmBFU. Enjoy! 

Thought of the Week

Week of 2/7/12 - Suppose you have tried and failed again and again. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down.                            Mary Pickford

Week of 2/14/12 - Change your thoughts and you change the world.
                                                                                            Norman Vincent Peale

Week of 2/21/12 - Be Mindful of the Positive (Velcro Mind) and Unmindful of the negative (only mindful enough to keep you safe for that moment. Then let it go.) (Teflon mind)                                                             DBT Philosophy

     When you walk through a garden are you looking for the roses or the thorns?

Thought of the Week

It is time for me to catch up on my Thought of the Week. I give one of these to my clients each week and ask them to spend some time during the week thinking about the quote and considering how it might be meaningful in their life. I include the author's name when I know it. Unfortunately, some of these thoughts were given to me without an author being identified.
On here you will be seeing several Thoughts of the Week at once, but feel free to consider them one week at a time as they are intended.   

Week of 1/10 - A New Year of  DBT- See this on my website

Week of 1/17 -I may not be there yet but I am closer than I was yesterday.

Week of 1/24 People who have been hurt often end up greeting the world wearing a heavy protective armor. Other people might misinterpret this protective armor as anger and respond by putting up their own armor and feeling angry, scared, intimidated or acting distant. When you let down your heavy protective shield and replace it with an invisible shield and a half smile. people feel safer and don't think they have to be on guard around you. They tend to act nicer,  warmer, softer and be friendlier.  Imagine you are a dog approaching another dog --- and wag your tail to let the other dog know that you are friendly!

Week of 1/31 - I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. Oliver Wendell Homes  

Using my skills during a challenging week.

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