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A sample of workshops presented by Dr. Sprei related to  DBT. 

Integrating Aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Philosophy and Skills to Enhance the Treatment of Problematic behaviors. 8am-4pm September 5, Walter Reed National Military Center. Presented by Dr. Judi Sprei & Dr. Alisa Breetz

Integrating Aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy into your Treatment of Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder. Invited workshop. Maryland Psychological Association 2014 Annual Convention October 10, Annapolis, Maryland. 
Metro DBT Consortium presents: Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy to
Understand and Treat Self-Injurious Behavior
Judi Sprei, Ph.D.
May 9, 2014 

6 Continuing Education Credits *
Attendees do not need to have previous training in DBT.
Self-injury is a widespread problem that has increased in frequency in the last decade. This workshop will focus on the treatment of adults and young adults who engage in self-harming behavior.
This workshop will help clinicians
·      * Understand self-harm, differentiate self-harm from suicidal behavior and address the emotions that arise in them when clients disclose intentional self-harming behaviors.
·       *Use an emotional dysregulation model to devise an effective treatment plan. 
·      * Learn specific methods to help clients understand their own self-injurious behavior, decrease their vulnerability, notice and intervene even before the start of an urge cycle and come up with alternative behaviors to meet the needs currently being met by the self-injurious behavior.
·       * Learn to apply the DBT skills of Mindfulness, Crisis Survival & Pros and Cons to self-harm.
·       *Understand and use Dialectical Abstinence, Urge Surfing, Riding the Wave of Emotion & Chain Analysis in the treatment of self-harming behavior.
Participants will leave the workshop equipped with knowledge and specific skills they can use with their clients as soon as they return to their office.

October 21, 2011 - Introduction to DBT in Clinical Practice: Effective Tools You Can Use With Your Clients Tolerance Skills. I was this workshop along with the other founding members of the Metro DBT Consortium. We plan to offer workshops on the other DBT modules in the future. 
May, 4 & 5, 2012. I presented a 6 hour CE workshop at the Maryland Psychological Association's  Ocean City Institute. The workshop was entitled Understanding and Treating Behaviors.  I discussed my philosophy in behaviors and the use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and other treatment techniques in treating these problematic behaviors.  This workshop was wonderfully received and I look forward to offering it in other locations in the future.

Dr. Sprei and several associates are available to present workshops related to DBT. Please contact Dr. Sprei at 301 229-0063 if you would like to discuss having her present at your location. Other DBT presentations are listed in her resume which you can obtainby filing out our comtactform. or emailingDr. Spreiat Judi@dbtmaryland.com  
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