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Thought of the Week
Thought of the Week
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Judi's Musings on DBT and other topics

The Majesty of Sound

Yesterday I went on a retreat -- a day long festival of chanting, toning, singing, movement and drumming. It is not often that I get to spend an entire day doing meditative practices. Doing so much meditation in one day allowed me to go to a deeper place and to really feel the benefits of meditation. I loved the toning -- simple giving voice to each vowel of the alphabet and mindfully letting the sound of the intonation vibrate throughout my body.  And I loved moving to some of the chants; just letting my body sway, twirl, move and connect to the music and our collective voices. You might want to try increasing your meditative practice and see what it does for you.  You can experiment with various ways to meditate including using the sound of your own voice or that of musical instruments to help take you deep inside and return you to your natural state of being.     
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