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Thought of the Week
Thought of the Week
Thought of the Week
Thought of the Week
Thought of the Week


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Thought of the Week


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Judi's Musings on DBT and other topics

March 2011

Thought of the Week

"We cannot control the wind; we can only adjust the sails." Kahlil Gibran  

Thought of the Week - Radical Acceptance

My DBT Skills group is currently studying the concept of Radical Acceptance. The following quote, from one of the founders of pscyhotherapy, fits in very well with this concept so I decided to make it this weeks Thought of the Week. Perhaps you might want to spend some time sitting with this concept over the course of this week. Please feel free to contact me to share other sayings or quotes that you find therapeutic. They might just end up becoming one of my future Thoughts of the Week.
"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change."   
Carl Rodgers  
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